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Belington, West Virginia Staff

Jon L. Mahoney
Vice President
WV Division Manager

39 Years in industry

Date of Hire: 1988

Special Interest: NHLA, WVFA, Randolph Co. Foresters Club, A.H.C., YMCA Camp Horseshoe, PTA, Trout Unlimited, NRA, CCA, Chamber of Commerce, United Methodist Church.
Job Description: Division Manager, green lumber procurement, chief lumber inspector, public relations, office manager, quality control, sales, purchasing, arbitration, land purchasing, advertising, kiln operation assistant, lumber inspector trainer, yard development, safety manager, OSHA compliance, water quality (EPA compliance), environmental awareness and compliance.
Education: Glenville State College – 2 Years Forestry, National Hardwood Lumber Assoc. Lumber Inspection 74th Class, Virginia Polytechnic Institute (Kiln Drying)
Personal Information: Wife, Cathy, son and daughter: born 1993 and 1996. Enjoy spending time with family, hunting,fishing,antiques,tree farming and outdoors.

Melissa Poling
Office Manager
24 Years in industry

Date of Hire: December, 1998
Special Interest: Sugar Creek U.M. Church 
Job Description: Processing of Outbound Export and Domestic Shipments, Daily Office Operations, Customer Service, Safety and Environmental Compliance, USDA Certifications for Exporting loads.
Personal Information: Married to Brad in 1998, Born and raised in Belington, WV Hobbies: Decorating, Gardening, & DIY Special Interest: St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Mandy Winans
Office Assistant
9 Years in industry

Date of Hire: February, 2013
Special Interest: Talbott UM Church  
Job Description: Green Inventory Secretary: Handle green incoming loads, typing P.O.’s and summarizing P.O.’s. Receiving Records for loads, also Inspection reports for loads going into inventory. Adding loads to inventory and removing for kiln charges.
Personal Information: Born and raised in Belington, WV. Sunday School Teacher. Riding ATV, walk in the woods, Hunting and Fishing, and doing crafts. Spending time with my nieces.

Robert Shifflett
Senior Lift Operator
30 Years in industry  

Date of Hire: January, 1992
Job Description: Operate forklift and backup for sawer.
Personal Information: Hometown: Junior, WV. Enjoy Bluegrass music and restoring antique cars.

Derrick Weese
Dry Kiln Operator
28 Years in industry

Date of Hire: February, 1994
Job Description: Assistant in managing yard, inspect lumber, operate and maintain five SII Dry Kilns.
Education: PBHS, 4 years of vocational training, which included Dry Kiln operating, and lumber grading.
Personal Information: Hometown: Belington, WV. Enjoy hunting, fishing, cooking, ATV riding and farming.

Kurtis Mahoney
Assistant Yard Manager
11 Years in industry

Date of Hire: July, 2011
Special Interest: FFA, NRA, Trout Unlimited
Job Description: Kiln Operator Asst., Lumber inspection, lift operation and planer operations.
Education: Davis & Elkins College - Bachelor of Science Degree: Management and Marketing, NHLA Inspection Short Course.
Personal Information: Single, Enjoys playing basketball, kayaking, camping, hunting and fishing.