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What is European Beech used for?

European beech is an abundant and accessible temperate hardwood found throughout most of Europe. The versatility of the wood is illustrated in the wide variety of uses for the lumber.

What is European Beech used for?

European beech is used in furniture, cabinets, boat building, hardwood flooring, butcher blocks, tools, and other interior furnishings, as well as for turnings, musical instruments, toys, kitchenware, and carvings. It also has excellent bending capabilities and can be used in steam bending.

What makes European beech so versatile?

European beech lumber combines strength, hardness, and wear resistance, with an overall good workability. European beech wood machines, glues, and finishes well. The wood easily accepts paint or stain for finishing.

For more specifics on European beech, refer to our species guide: Species Page