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The Abenaki Seal Guarantee

Every truckload of hardwood lumber receives a great deal of care before we ship it to you. To reflect this company wide commitment, all of our lumber is shipped with invoices and order acknowledgements reflecting our commitment – The Abenaki Quality Care Seal.

Each load of green lumber that arrives in our yard is promptly put on sticks using only Automatic Sticking at one-foot centers. Thicker lumber and opened grained species are also end waxed to prevent checking. The top packs in the air-dry yard are covered to prevent sun and water damage. 

Our Northern Red Oak has a specially designed air-drying area with shade curtains surrounding it to control the wind, dust, and sun. We dry each wood species on a carefully designed drying schedule. After the lumber is dried, it is carefully re-inspected and packaged with 1 ¼” steel strapping and pile bottoms to provide ease of handling. We also provide end paint and can even put your own company logo on if requested. Each package of lumber is carefully stenciled with the species, grade, and package number on both sides of the pack.

When the truck arrives for your truckload of hardwood lumber, it has been stored in a covered loading area to ensure that the lumber is protected from the weather until it is fully tarped for transport. 

When you see the Abenaki seal, you can be sure we’ve handled your hardwood lumber load with the utmost care. The resulting lumber reflects our commitment to you to provide Quality, Consistency and Service with every order.