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Epping, New Hampshire Staff

Sylvie Horning
Yard Manager
Date of Hire: February, 1987
Job Description: Division Manager, Production and Kiln Scheduling, Safety and Environmental Compliance.
Personal Information: Married to Dan 1984. One son, Jeff, Major US Army, born 1989..
Chris Collins
Office Manager / Assistant Yard Manager
Date of Hire: January, 2000
Job Description: Processing of Inbound and Outbound lumber, Daily Office Operations, Interoffice Coordinator, Yard Supply Purchasing

Denise Barbin
Yard Supervisor
Date of Hire: September, 2004
Job Description: Office and Yard Coordinator, Personnel Relations, Pre-Employment Screenings, Quality Control.

Dan Horning
Maintenance Manager
Date of Hire: May, 2013
Job Description: Equipment Maintenance Schedules, Engineering and Fabrication, Maintenance Supplies and Equipment Purchaser, Forklift Certification Trainer, Fuel and Boiler Coordinator.

Jeff Ebitson
Head Lumber Grader
Date of Hire: September, 2012
Job Description: Grading of all dry lumber, Back-up Green Lumber Grading.
Education: Graduated NHLA Inspection School in 2015.
Mark Bisbee
Head Forklift Operator Green Yard
Date of Hire: January, 1999
Job Description: Loading and Unloading of Kilns and Stacker, Loading of Dryline, Unloading of Green Trucks.
Kim Paine
Head Forklift Operator Dry Yard
Date of Hire: February, 2004
Job Description: Preparation and Loading of Domestic and Export Loads, Loading and Unloading of Planer and Tally/Banding Buildings.
Chris Millette
Kiln Operator / Assistant Forklift Operator
Date of Hire: December, 2020

Andrew Brown
Incoming Green Lumber Grader / Assistant Kiln Operator
Date of Hire: August, 2018
Description: NHLA Graduate Class of 2019