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Lumber Yards

Quality, service and consistency have been the keys to our continued growth. Our modern facilities have been especially designed to process lumber with the highest level of quality control. From automatic sticking to superior drying in our modern steam SII TM dry kilns and reinspection and retrimming on modern "Sanborn" TM grading lines.

Epping, New Hampshire

The resource base for our Epping, NH facility includes the finest native New England White Ash, Beech, Hard Maple, Northern Red Oak, Soft Maple and Yellow Birch. Added to the company in 1997, Epping, proper drying begins with mechanically placed stickers on one foot centers.

Our Newman EPR 24 helical head planer provides top quality machining. 

Located: 361 Pleasant Street - Epping, NH 

Belington, West Virginia

Our Belington, WV facility, located in the northern central mountains of the state, provides an abundance of fine native White Ash, Basswood, Beech, Birch, Cherry, Hard Maple, Hickory, Yellow Poplar, Appalachian Red Oak and Soft Maple. 

Proper drying begins with mechanically placed Automatic Sticking on one foot centers. Highly trained and experienced kiln operators and the latest SIITM conventional steam kilns ensure superior kiln drying. 

With experienced lumber graders reinspecting all lumber after drying on our modern Sanborn trim line, Abenaki hardwood lumber meets the strictest quality standards . 

Over one million board feet of kiln dried lumber is stored in our insulated dry storage buildings and covered loading facilities at each location ensure uninterrupted shipping. 

Location: 141 Highwater Road - Belington, WV